New ‘Kingsman’ Trailer Has Huge Detail About Colin Firth And Fans Are Losing It

Warning Spoilers Ahead!!!

Seriously if you haven't seen the first movie and you want to stop reading now.

The first full trailer has dropped for the highly anticipated “Kingsman” sequel, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” and it has the internet loosing their minds!

Now, fans of the movie already know that Colin Firth’s character, Harry (aka Galahad), was killed by Samuel L. Jackson’s character near the end of the first movie.

Most of the time, when someone gets shot in the head, they’re, like, objectively dead. But according to Harry himself in the first teaser for the sequel, “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Ever since the sequel was announced, fans have been dying to find out if Harry is actually dead or not. Because — let’s be real — it’d be really hard to have a “Kingsman” movie without Harry.

Of course the internet lost it once they saw the trailer so here are some of the best ones:

Safe to say people are pretty happy about it and the hype for the next movie is real.


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