Justin Bieber Is Apparently Dating This Very Famous Pop Star!?

Justin Bieber hasn't been ~officially~ linked to anyone since the whole Sofia Richie drama.

But, it looks like le Biebs may have found himself a new love-interest, in the form of super incredible famous popstar and actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Fans are speculating on whether or not they're the new celeb couple to watch, when they were spotted hanging out together after the Met Gala yesterday.

Justin didn't attend the event, and Hailee walked the carpet solo (looking HOT BY THE WAY), but she met up with him after, and they got cosy on a couch.

TMZ are reporting that they have been officially seeing each other for a little over a month, and looking back at it now, there seems to be a few hints that we could have missed.

Justin was actually photographed inside a car Facetiming Hailee not too long ago.

The two apparently met after being reconnected by their mutual pastor from their church. Matchmaker pastor!

But could this get messy? Hailee is actually good friends with Selena Gomez, Justin's very famous ex-girlfriend. They have even been pictured together in the past.

Source: girlfriend.com.au

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