Kylie Jenner Thrilled She Dumped Tyga & Not Involved With Rob & Blac Chyna’s War

Things have been getting tense between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, after he took to social media claiming that his ex allegedly cheated on him, posting naked pictures and more. Kylie Jenner even found herself in the crossfire, since he brought up how Chyna was supposedly bitter that his little sister stole her man, Tyga. Now, the reality star is relieved to be out of the drama, at least as much as she can be.

“Kylie always had to deal with Blac Chyna in one way or another since she obviously has a child with Tyga and she wasn’t much of a fan of the times she had to deal with her,” a source close to Kylie tells

“And now with all the drama that is happening between Rob and Blac she knows that if she was still with Tyga she would be experiencing a bunch of collateral damage drama herself,” the insider continues. “So Kylie is very happy not to be with Tyga anymore because she thankfully doesn’t have to deal with the excess nonsense.”


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