Snapchat's New Update Will Let You Take Longer Videos

Snapchat is really giving Instagram a run for its money. The app just announced it will now allow users to record minute-long videos in a new update, and we're pretty excited about it.

But there's a little bit of a catch.

The new videos will be taken in six 10-second bursts which will let you cut and move around clips to your liking, making you a movie editor at your own will.

The new feature is called “Multi-Snap Recording” and will only be available on iOS for now, but Snapchat is working on getting the feature to Android soon.

To use Multi-Snap all you have to do is hold down the record button, and the consecutive 10-second videos will begin recording seamlessly. Once you're done recording, you can add emojis and text to the video like you would any other.

When you're ready to send your video to your story or friends, it will be sent as a series of consecutive 10-second videos.

But Multi-Snap isn't the only new feature Snapchat is releasing. They're also releasing a new creative tool called the “Tint Brush,” which will give users the opportunity to change the color of selected parts of a photo.

So if you want to take a selfie — but wish you had blue hair — you can select your hair in the picture and change it to the color of your dreams. Pretty cool, right?

Snapchat is really trying to revolutionize their app with additions like Limitless Snaps, custom geofilters, and the creepy and very invasive Snap Maps.

Multi-Snap Recording seems to be Snapchat's answer to features like Facebook and Instagram Live. However, they took it up a notch by allowing users to edit footage, and it's awesome.

What will they come up with next?


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