Dylan And Cole Sprouse Are Feuding On Twitter And We Couldn't Love Them More For It

Just because Dylan and Cole Sprouse are still super dreamy and famous AF doesn't mean that they're immune to RL problems like sibling rivalry and lucky for us we get to see it play out online sometimes.

Loads of websites have been reporting on Dylan's return to acting , and these articles have been appearing on Twitter.

After spotting an article, Cole noticed that his twin brother was wearing his shirt without permission in the pic #RELATABLE.

In true Sprouse form, the sassy star took to Twitter to call out his brother for knocking off his clothes.

Dylan then replied with so much sass we can't even deal.

Obviously, Sprouse fans had to jump in on this hilarious feud, and took to twitter with some epic responses!

We hope they can kiss and make-up sometime soon!

Source: Girlfriend.com

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