Princess dress blankets are now a thing you can buy!

If you're the kind of person who prefers to curl up with a blanket as cute as it is cozy, then these princess dress blankets have you covered — literally. Basic blankets are for peasants! You're a princess who deserves to lounge in luxury and feel like royalty all day every day, and you need one of these in your life.

Kansas-based crocheter Carol Hladik got the idea to design princess dress-inspired blankets in February while she was recovering from foot surgery and stuck recovering on the couch.

It didn't take long before Hladik's princess blanket patterns, which she sells for $5.50 each on and, really took off, and she and her family have been working tirelessly to fill orders ever since.

The blanket gowns are available in toddler, children, and adult sizes in three different patterns: a yellow off-the-shoulder dress with rosettes...

A blue puffy-sleeve gown...

And a long-sleeve "corset" purple gown.

Hladik soon will add a mermaid-inspired green princess gown to the line and has plenty of design ideas for more blankets to come. For now, she's sticking to selling only the patterns rather than completed blankets.



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