Leaked Reports Claim Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Will Perform Together At The VMAs

After years of hate, name-calling and a shady song or two, it looks like Taylor Swiftand Katy Perry might *finally* be ready to end the feud.

It was recently revealed that KP is set to host this years MTV VMAs and now Metro UK is reporting that Taylor Swift will also hit the stage alongside her rival. Awwwwks.

The problem with this is that not only is Katy hosting the show, but she's also set to perform her song "Swish Swish" which, as we are all pretty sure is a dig at TSwift...

The show's organisers have described the whole thing as a "logistical nightmare" but they're going ahead with it for the ratings.

This wouldn't be the first time that Taylor has reconciled with an enemy on the MTV VMA stage!

Remember that time back in 2015 when she made up with former rival Nicki Minaj?

Who, coincidently, features on "Swish Swish".

All we can say is, this is a nightmare we can't wait to witness!

Source: girlfriend.com.au

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