Apple Announces New iPhone X!

Have you been waiting to replace your cracked screen for three months? Have you been saving up every penny possible over the last two years? Were you strapped to your computer screen for the past three hours, patiently awaiting the announcement?

Well, the wait is over, you guys...The new iPhone X has finally been revealed!

During today's massive Apple live stream event, the technology company (and the reason we're all addicted to our phones) dished all the details about the newest iPhone X, and we're hardcore nerding out.

Along with the announcement of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X sounds like a game changer and heres why:

1. The iPhone X will have wireless charging! Whaaaaaat?

2. Larger display screen - to stalk Instagram pages better!

3. The portrait mode now has lighting

4. Front facing portrait mode - yaaas we can up our selfie game!

5. Face ID recognition

6. Animated emoji's

The only thing that may hinder your decision to upgrade, is the price, they're going to retail for around $1,800- $2,000 NZD!

But it's totally worth it right?!

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