Winnie The Pooh Is A Girl?!

We're not sure why, but our entire life we have believed that Winnie The Pooh is a boy... but when you think about it, the gender of Winnie The Pooh was never revealed on the show.

A new picture book called "Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World's Most Famous Bear" has been released that establishes the background if Winnie The Pooh, and how the story came to be. We learn that Winnie is actually named after a black bear from London Zoo called Winnie, real name Winnipeg, Bustle reports. Winnipeg is Canadian!

The new book written by Lindsay Mattick, who is the granddaughter of a soldier who was actually responsible for bringing the real-life Winnie to England.

He bought the bear for just $20 during the First World War and they became super close, that is, until he had to leave her at the London Zoo so he could go back to being a soldier in France.

However, Winnie gets a new BFF!!!

A young boy who always visits the zoo, Christopher Robin. Light bulb moment much?!

Guess who was Christopher's dad? Author A. A. Milne, who went on to write the Winnie books.

This has got us *shook* who knew!?

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