Guy photoshops himself into celebrities lives and it’s hilarious

Doing crazy or funny things on Photoshop seems the be the latest trend people are into online, and we don't blame anyone for it because most of the time it's hilarious!

From young girls using celebs like Zac Efron's face to replace their ex-boyfriend's face from vacation photos, to using Ryan Reynolds face to cover your Prom date's face after he ditches you on the night... the uses for Photoshop has been endlessly fantastic; but we think this may just be the icing on the cake... the photoshopped cake.

An Instagram account called "AverageRob" has been photoshopping back in 2015 where he started by inserting himself into images with football players and has since accumulated over 200,000 followers on Instagram.One of the most popular photos on Rob's page features the infamous Kim and Kanye and has over 23,000 likes!

Check out a few of our favourite one's below:

Man this guy must have a lot of free time on his hands... but at least he's using that free time wisely.

Check out his Instagram "AverageRob" for more.

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