Tamagotchi Is Officially Making Its Comeback Next Month

Tamagotchi was a huge thing for kids born in the 1990s and early 2000s, with a whopping 76 million being sold worldwide by 2010. Requiring a mere three buttons - and a whole load of care and attention - kids did everything they could to make sure their digital pets would survive the cruel, harsh world.

Unfortunately, as with all must-have toys before them, they faded into obscurity along with other kid's items like Pokémon cards and Beyblades.

However, the youngest generation is about to revel in the greatness that Tamagotchi provides, with Japanese toy company Bandai announcing it will release a mini-version of the 90s toy. This Tamagotchi will also be much smaller than the ones you remember. According to sources, the egg-shaped device will be 80 percent smaller than the original, and the screen will be reduced by 60 percent. Bandai has told the newspaper that there are only a 'finite number' that has been created for the American market.

Talk about reliving the 90's! You can get your preorder in now as well so if you want to get one you better be quick.

Source: Ladbible.com

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