Is The White House Using a Melania Trump Stunt Double?

Ummm wot?


Stranger things have happened, but this is pretty up there. 


During a press conference on the White House Lawn on October 13. Online users noticed something a little bit odd about the first lady... that it looked not a lot like the real Melania Trump, which got people thinking is the White House using a Melania Trump stunt double???? Nobody really knows the answer to that question, but it doesn’t have anyone less convinced that President Donald Trump had a Melania decoy by his side during the press conference. 


The masterful conspiracy theory was posited by intrepid internet explorer Andrea Wagner Barber, who posted a video of the presser on Facebook. Andrea pointed out that Melania didn’t look exactly like herself, and thousands on Twitter agreed.


 Check out some of twitters reactions below:       In a weird way, i feel like no one is super surprised by an odd move like this, i mean this is Donald Trump we are talking about so anything is possible. 





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