McDonalds China Has Changed It's Name!

McDonalds is one iconic name, and strangely McDonalds China has decided to change it!

Mcdonalds.corp confirmed to Reuters this week that it will be changing its registered business name there to “Golden Arches (China) Co Ltd” and its all to do with the brand selling most of its China and Hong Kong business recently.

So don't worry too much, the name will remain "McDonalds" but the registered business name will be changed to "Golden Arches" - which is an obvious choice, as Maccas is also known by that name. The fast food giant said on its official China microblog: “It will still be clearly ‘McDonald‘s’ when diners come to our stores”.

That's a relief, what if they changed it to a completely different name?! We wouldn't know what to do with ourselves!


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