Did Sam Smith & Reese Witherspoon Throw Shade At Taylor Swift?

Actions speak louder than words — and Swifties aren't happy about Sam Smith and Reese Witherspoon's recent activity.

It's brave to drop a new album around the same time that Taylor Swift does, because it's just common knowledge that basically everyone is focusing on her and nothing else.

So the fact that Sam Smith dropped his new album in the same week, fans have pitted the two against each other.

Sam got in on the online drama, by 'liking' the below tweet that clearly throws some shade Taylor's way.

But Sam wasn't the only celeb being a bit shady towards Tay Tay.

One fan pointed out that they were only excited for Taylor to appear on SNL because comedian Tiffany Haddish was hosting it, and actress Reese Witherspoon 'liked' that tweet, as BuzzFeed also pointed out. Yikes.

However, Sam has since come forward and addressed his 'shade', claiming that the like was a total accident by retweeting a fan who suggested he accidentally liked the anti-Swift tweet, so it might just have been a misunderstanding.

As for Reese, she has kept her 'like' loud and proud on her profile.

Is there more beef on the grill we didn't know about?


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