Kylie Jenner reportedly threw a secret baby shower the day after Kim Kardashian

Say Whaaaaaaaat?!

Kim Kardashian apparently wasn't the only family member to celebrate an incoming baby this weekend; Kylie Jenner did too. The 20-year-old beauty mogul reportedly hosted a low key baby shower at her Hidden Hills home, the day after her big sister threw her own star-studded, stunningly-decorated party, People reports.

Unlike Kim's highly-documented A.M.A.Z.I.N.G cherry blossom themed celebration, Kylie's was completely under wraps with nearly no traces on social media. The theme of her event was reportedly "pyjama party". She was also seen sporting PJ's in her backyard amongst massive rose floral arrangements.

The universal pink décor added more fuel to the rumours that Kylie is expecting a girl. Some of the party decorations included rose petals in the pool, pink and white tables, and tents lined with pink fabric.

Although no footage was shared directly from Kylie of the baby shower on social, she did post one photo of two flower arrangements from inside her home on Snapchat. Which has us all wondering if these flowers were part of the decorations for her super secret party?

It's been almost two months since it was first reported that Kylie is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Travis Scott. Since then, Kylie hasn't directly responded to the baby news.


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