This Sausage Dog's Maternity Shoot Is What Dreams Are Made Of!

We all know that some dog-owners can go a little overboard with their animals.

This could be said for the owner who decided to do a maternity shoot for their pregnant Dachshund, but when you see the pictures, you can't deny how super cute it is!

The dog is called Cindi, the owner is Vicki Miller of Vicki Miller Photography, and the whole thing is both utterly ridiculous and completely wonderful all at once.

"I've always loved to do things that are a little unique. I actually did newborn photos of Cindi when I got her," Miller told Mamamia. "Animals are a huge part of my life and I include them in many photoshoots, so when I knew Cindi was pregnant, I thought it would be super cute and pretty funny to give her a maternity shoot of her own."

You can't deny that the pictures are adorable!

We are just so obsessed!


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