Sophie Turner Has Revealed The Release Date For 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8

We aren't sure if this is the kinda news we can handle so early on in the week...

It already feels like it's been forever since Game of Thrones' 7th season finished, but according to Sophie Turner - who would know - we have a helluva lot longer to wait before we get the show's final episodes.

In a new interview with Variety, the star revealed that we won't be watching any new GoT until 2019.

That's right. Not next year, the year after.

“We started in October, so we’re maybe like a tenth of the way through,” Turner joked. “No, no we’ve got six or seven months left. Game of Thrones comes in 2019.”

Turner also gave fans a glimpse at how Sansa's story will pan out in season 8, saying, "At the end of last season, she felt that she had everything set up. She had her family back together. They were in control of the North again."

"This season, there’s a new threat, and all of a sudden she finds herself somewhat back in the deep end. And without Littlefinger, it’s a test for her of whether she can get through it. It’s a big challenge for her, without this master manipulator having her back. This season is more a passionate fight for her than a political, manipulative kind of fight."

As excited as we are to know when we will have GoT back in our lives, its sooooooooo far away!


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