Camila Cabello Calls Fifth Harmony Out For Their 'Petty' Performance


Remember that time newly 4-member band Fifth Harmony performed at the 2017 MTV VMA's and pushed a fake Camila Cabello off stage?

Honestly... how could you even forget?

It was a pretty shady move by the girls, although they've explained it to be their way of showing the world that they're moving on from Camila.

We've been wondering for awhile now hoe did Camila really feel about this? and now we know...

In a new interview with The New York Times, Camila actually teared up and said, "It definitely hurt my feelings. I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t prepared for it — especially because at that point I’d moved on from it. I was just like, 'What? Why?'" She also said: "I have to make space for the good stuff to happen in my life. I don’t like holding onto the past, especially when it’s stuff that, in my opinion, is just petty."

We guess the drama is far from over.


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