Nick Jonas Addresses Rumours of a Jonas Brothers Reunion!

The internet went into a meltdown last week after an eagle-eyed fan noticed some evidence which lead to her thinking that The Jonas Brothers might be reuniting!

Her evidence was pretty solid too.

Their Instagram account was re-activated:

They've also posted some pictures together looking very band-like:

Nick Jonas attended the Grammy's yesterday, and obviously it was the first question asked on the Red Carpet.

"A couple weeks, days ago, there was a rumour that the Jonas brothers would have a huge reunion. Everybody was talking about it. Is that true?" E! host Ryan Seacrest asked Nick. He responded: "We hung out for a weekend all together, then I guess our Instagram is restarted or reopened. But I can tell you there's no reunion planned."

"But I can never say never. You never know what's going to happen," he added.

So even though he has denied a reunion currently, that doesn't mean it won't happen! YAAAS!


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