There's Apparently A Live Action Kim Possible Movie in the Works

Call me, Beep me if you want to reach me! Kim Possible could finally be returning to our TV screens, this time as a live-action hero. On February 7, the official Disney Channel twitter account tweeted that casting has begun for the project, which will be a Disney Channel Original movie in the vein of Descendants and Adventures in Babysitting.

It's unknown if this live-action film will be a continuation of the original cartoon's canon, but if so there are so many questions the movie could answer. Did Kim and Ron stay together after their romantic prom night kiss in So the Drama? Will they ever remember the completely bonkers parallel universe created during A Stitch in Time? Will Disney blow thousands on a creating a fully functional CGI naked mole rat so Rufus can have his moment in the sun? And most importantly...are we going to see Shego and Kim work out their slightly romantic rivalry in real time? Nobody knows, but don't turn off your Kimmunicators — you never know when Wade will come through with important movie updates.


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