Khloe Kardashian Hits Back At Haters Again

For someone who has done nothing to cause uproar lately Khloe Kardashian certainly gets a lot of hate online. She has recently been in Japan, enjoying the beautiful scenes and sights. Showing off her eight-month baby bump in a gorge pink outfit while exploring the bamboo forest with Kourtney.

However people didn't care much for the photos, they were quick to come at her about how late it is for her to travel while pregnant and how she holds her 'Baby Bump??!.'

Hitting back on Twitter, Khloe wrote: “People are very opinionated about my bump. I choose to cradle my bump because it’s MINE. I’ve waited for this VERY short moment for YEARS. I have only months to enjoy this phase in my life, so I will touch my bump and love my bump as often as I choose. Mommy loves you baby!

You bloody tell them Khloe! YASS GIRL!


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