Man orders Gourmet Vegemite on toast restaurant.. What?!

So going out for brunch with some friends can always be a good time. It can cost a lot but the last thing you'd expect when getting something gourmet is toast.. right??

Well one Australian man went out to a fancy cafe craving something yum and ended up with something very disappointing.

Taking to Instagram he wrote: "Gourmet vegemite on toast. This is just ridiculous!

Instead of coming ready to eat, he was served two slices of toast, a large curl of butter and a generous portion of Vegemite brushed across the wooden chopping board.

The interesting meal was served up at Core Espresso in Australia, and it wasn't cheap with a price tag of $7 AUS.

Restaurant manager Emma Reid explained the thinking behind the meal to .

She said: "If someone orders toast and they want Vegemite, we want to make sure it is presentable and that there is enough Vegemite on there. We don’t skimp on Vegemite.

“Even though they’re only ordering Vegemite on toast, we want our customers to know a little bit of care is being put into the dish."

Who in their right mind would go out and buy gourmet Vegemite toast in the first place?!


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