Why is JB hating on the Met Gala? Is it because of Selena?

As big names gathered in glam at the Met Gala recently, not everyone decided to show face. Not only did Justin not show up this year’s Met Gala, he even made a cryptic Instagram post indirectly attacking the event.

Just a day after the Met Gala Justin Bieber posted to his Instagram “That glamorous lifestyle you see portrayed by famous people on Instagram don’t be fooled thinking their life is better then yours I can promise it’s not”. Although JB did not mention the Met gala it’s a safe assumption that he meant the Gala in his post.

Now by no means is Justin Obliged to attend the Met Gala but this comment sparks thoughts to believe there is much more behind his non-attendance than laziness or not finding the right outfit. As I cant call Justin and just ask him, we can only assume the reasons behind this post and Selena Gomez comes to mind promptly.

Selena was spotted at the Met Gala date-less this year styling a sheer gown. According to Hollywood Life’s exclusive source Selena didn’t want to risk ruining a good night by spending it with someone who she “might end up regretting being with in the near future,”

Before the Met Gala Selena made an Instagram post that we believe have subtle hidden messages. Selena shared a pic of her leaning against a mirror captioned with what we think may be lyrics from her un-released single “back to you” the caption said “I wanna hold you, when i'm not supposed to”.

We cant say for sure if the two are sending subtle public messages to each other via Instagram, but it looks like Selena and Beib’s may have more going on below the surface.

Source: Hollywood life

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