Card's Against Humanity Meets Friends

You have played the game and you've watched the TV show but did you ever think the two would be combined? The news has dropped, now 80's and 90's kids will be going nuts!

Cards against humanity is a popular card game that can be played at Christmas or even whipped out on a rowdy Friday evening with the boys and girls before a night on the town.The game is designed to be outrageous, despicable and awkward.

How Cards Against Humanity works, is one player reads out the question on the black card and the rest of the players are to respond with the most outrageous statement found on a white card.

Now the ever popular game has taken a very friendly twist.

You can now relive some of your favorite moments from the 90's TV show, like the time Joey went commando in Chandlers clothes or when Ross's thighs got so sweaty he couldn't fit back into his leather pants.

Although very exciting, this is not the first time that friends has made it to the game scene, during April a friends version of Monopoly was released and is now available on sites such as Fishpond.


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