"Sorry We Have Twins, Have Some Ear Plugs"

If you have ever experienced a flight with a baby crying nearby then you will have the upmost respect for this Dad.

A man on a flight with his 5 month old twins took the initiative and realized that other flight passengers may not be stoked with two baby's crying in the back row.

As everyone settled into the flight, the un named father who was described as one fellow passenger as a "Viking Santa" began to hand out ear plugs and a creative note that reads as follows:

"Dear fellow passengers,

My name is Zed and I have a young twin brother Jay. We are five months old and would you believe, this is our very first trip on a big plane!

Apparently I am supposed to be excited about this trip but all I can think about is when is my next feed! This short note is just to let me apologise on behalf of my brother as he has a habit of making a bit of a racket whereas Im a perfect ”angel”!

My parents are really hoping both of us can be quiet and you won’t even realise we are here but in case we are, here are a pair of earplugs to hopefully make your journey a little more bearable."

The passenger that told the story to Unilad described the mans actions as " the highlight of the flight" and how could you argue that cheeky ginger grin!

Source: Unilad

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