Justin Bieber Vows To Grow His Hair Down To His Toes

Errrrrm... long hair don't care? clearly seems to be the Biebs latest thought process as he has vowed to grow his hair down to his toes on his latest Instagram story.

JB's hair has always been one of his trademarks, as when he rocketed to fame as a teen he had the swept over side which most of us could only ever dream of sweeping it out of his eyes..

He's kept it relatively short in the years since his "Baby" days but got light blonde dreadlocks by the time he started his Purpose world tour in March of 2016 after seeing a fellow snowboarder with the look and wanting the same.

Just a month later, he shockingly chopped it all off after a Washington D.C. tour stop, going with a total buzzcut in late April of that year. He kept it short for most of the following year and started growing it out once he left the road. Now fans can imagine running their hands through his long, luscious locks!


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