Fans concerned about Johnny Depp's health.

When photos recently appeared of Johnny Depp online, fans have reacted with concern and worry.

Photo's of Depp's recent trip to Russia have surfaced and he does not look to flash at all.

In photos posing with fans at the four Seasons Hotel in St Petersburg. Depp's looking pale gaunt and older then his age of 54!

There have been rumors for a few years now of potential drug and alcohol abuse from Johnny Depp and these photos make these rumors slightly more believable.

Fans are hoping that the look is in preparation for an upcoming role, which would explain the sudden change in health appearance and it should be noted that Depp does play a terminally ill academic in an upcoming movie, Goodbye but that wrapped last year.

lets hope that johnny was just having a bad day when the photos were taken!

Source: Independent

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