Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are Engaged!?

Sooo.... Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson.. Probably one of the newer couples on the Hollywood romantic scene, but that's not going to let them slow things down!

Ariana and Pete got together during March of this year and the word has spread.. they are already engaged! not only are they engaged, Pete went all out and got his princess a $100,000 engagement ring. The team from from E! News spoke to the Jeweler Greg Yuna (check his instagram here),Who reports Pete came to him about a month ago with the request for the ring.

Both Ariana and Pet had recently left long term relationships when the sparks began to fly. Ariana was with rapper Mac Miller who apparently hasn't been to wrapped with the break u-p situation, and can you blame him?

Watch the Video above for the goss.

Source: E! News

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