Brody Jenner's wife SLAMS Caitlyn Jenner for ditching their wedding

Reailty TV star Brody Jenner just married his wife, Kaitlynn Carter Jenner... and while the wedding looked absolutely beautiful, there was a serious lacking of Jenner's in attendance.

Brody already explained that while he invited Kylie and Kendall, he never heard back from them. However, his father Caitlyn was set to come. Until she cancelled last minute... It was reported that Caitlyn had business she had to attend to, however, she was at a ball showing off her new girlfriend Sophia Hutchins.

Brody was upset that his father couldn't make it, but his wife now is slamming Caitlyn for skipping out on the occasion.

TMZ reporters caught up with Kaitlynn when she got back from her honeymoon, and asked if the people who couldn't attend would be able to "see a video".

"The people who didn’t get to go, are they going to be sent a video or something?" the reporter asked. "Sent a video?" Brody scoffed, as Kaitlynn said, "They should have gone if they wanted to see it!"

I mean... we would be pretty upset too if our dad couldn't attend our wedding, i mean its your wedding!?

So sass away Kaitlynn!


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