Is Liam Payne on The Break up Chain?

Just one Day after her birthday, the announcement has come that Liam Payne has decided to call things off with Girls Aloud Singer Cheryl.

This tweet From Liam Payne breaks the news officially but clearly the concern for their son Bear is shown and Liam wants to ensure that respect for his privacy is kept. Bear was born in 2017 and although the couple are not married they had a family going.

Previously Pop Star Cheryl had been questioned of rummours around the pair splitting up but Cheryl managed to dodge a proper answer when questioned at the official opening of the Princes Trust and there have been other reports that the two don't see eye to eye in terms of where they see the relationship going.

But when you've seen it directly from Liam Payne's Twitter its pretty hard to deny that things are coming to a halt.


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