Kendrick is bringing a Pop Up Store to the Big AK!

So as you already know, Kendrick Lamar is in the country! (and if you didn't know then your living under a rock)..

According to the flood of Snapchats and Instagram stories,Kendrick performed an absolute killer show in Duneidn for the rowdy bunch down there, and is next seat to please his fans in Auckland tonight. The Auckland fans are in for just a wee bit more then the cold Scarfies received.... THE DAMN POP UP STORE


Q97's very own Michelle is on her way to Auckland as we speak to delve in the glory of Kendrick and knowing her a stop at the Damn Pop Up shop will be made into the plans. will be open in Auckland at Loaded, 57 High Street on Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20 from 11am–7pm

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