Boyfriend takes 'fascinating' photo while photographing his girlfriend

A boyfriend dedicated to his girls Instagram had to take a break to witness this glitch in the matrix on the beach where they were taking photos.

Lewis Gudger was at the famous Maya Beach in Thailand which was made famous by the film 'The Beach' starring leonardo, with his girlfriend Cesca. He was getting a photo of her to add to their travel pics when he saw that all down the beach, guys were doing the exact same thing. Showing off their gals, in true Instagram boyfriend style.

"We watched the people fight for space to lie down on the sand and also trying their hardest to get a photo with no one else in it.

We just happened to see these three couples from where we were stood and had to take photo because we found it so funny.

It was almost unbelievable. I snapped the photo before all the masses arrived with countless selfie sticks, it wouldn’t have been possible to get this pic when it was as busy as it got!"

In further reports the Thai government has decided to close Maya Beach in order to preserve the environment as the large tourist numbers have damaged the area.

Source: UNILAD

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