Hailey Baldwin is Feeling Threatened by Recently Single Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is now single and Hailey Baldwin is fearing for the worst. Before #Jailey was a thing there was a certain spark between Justin and Kourtney Kardash. Hailey Baldwin will do all she can to keep her and Justin's relationship as strong as it can be, and if that means putting a total ban on JB and Kourtney talking then that's what she will do.

An inside Source reports to Star Magazine that what Justin and Kourtney had in the past was more serious then people thought and the same source believes that Kourtney would jump on the Justin wagon in a heartbeat. This could be a space to watch and see if the scandal turns to more then just a scare for Hailey.

Source: Girlfriend

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