Eminem Beef with MGK and We Visit Some Eminem Classics

Eminem has had his fair share of the spotlight lately so we thought wed take this moment to have a quick look at some of the music hes released over the years to get him to the legendary status he has reached.

Before we jump in to the classics lets talk recent news. Eminem has recently been having confrontation with Fellow rapper machine Gun Kelly. This is a battle of the "past vs the future" according to MGK when performing in front of a Grand Rapids crowd while opening for Fall Out Boy..

although he may not admit this is the reason for the beef, a key factor in this predicament is Machine Gun Kelly talking about Eminems Daughter. The tension between the two rappers has led to both artists releasing diss tracks on each other. Eminems track about MGK is "Killshot" on his new album Kamikaze and MGKs diss track on Eminem is titled "Rap Devil"

Below is an interview discussing Eminem's new Album and touches on some of the beef with Machine Gun Kelly

Eminem has been in the game a lot longer then Machine Gun Kelly and has become a legend in the Hip Hop industry, We thought we would take this opportunity to visit some of the classics that have made Eminem the Hip Hop Icon He is.

Released in 2005 on the Album Encore this is Toy Soldiers

Released in 2002 for the 8 mile movie this is Loose Yourself

Released on the Album Infinite this is Infinite

Released 2009 on the Album Relapsed this is Crack a Bottle

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