A Petition has started to remove Sierra Burgess is a Loser from Netflix.

there was a lot of anticipation around the release of Sierra Burgess is a loser.. but now its been released people are really annoyed. There has already been a petition started to have the movie removed from Netflix. The petition from care2 is aiming to receive 10,000 votes and is currently on its way there with around 3 500 votes.

looking at the movie there is a hint of glorification around the idea of being a catfish, there are jokes about def people and non-consensual kissing.

Heres an extra taken directly from the care2 petition page.

"From there, viewers are taken for a ride that includes transphobic jokes, mockery of deaf people, non-consensual kissing, slut shaming and an ending that makes it seem like the whole charade was totally fine. But it's not totally fine and we can't allow this train wreck of a movie to go on."

So yeah like anything in this PC world, your going to offend someone... so when it comes to releasing a movie the directors should have expected this kind of reaction when dealing with these modern day issues.

Source: Girlfriend

Source: Care2 petitions

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