Hillary Barry shows Twitter Troll Who's Boss!

Hillary Barry has come taken on an internet troll and absolutely nailed it. If you don't know who Hillary Barry is then you probably aren't an up to date kiwi in the slightest, with all due respect...

Celebrities are constantly at risk of being victims to guttless hurtful comments internet trolls aka keyboard warriors. When a celebrity does receive this sort of harrasment, there is a couple of different approaches to how they can handle it, and how they handle it can either credit or tarnish their reputation.

Hillary Barry was on the receiving end of this comment on twitter.


As you can see there's some offensive language which we do not condone and would hate to receive. But Hillary Barry seemed prepared and took it upon herself to respond in what we think was absolute twitter gold. As they say, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

We have chosen not to post the response from Hillary Barry but you can see it first hand at this link

Here is the censored version

"My c#*! isn’t stupid. Quite the contrary; it’s spectacular. Thank you though for your valued feedback."

Couldn't have said it better myself Hillary!


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