It was only the beginning of this year that we were blessed with the second Deadpool movie and it pulled in a massive 734.2 million USD at the Box Office.

To have the release date of a new Deadpool movie already is quite impressive.

The new movie is set to be released on December the 21st, this year!

The reason it's being released so early is because the release date for another movie "Alita," has been pushed back so there is now a spot for a new movie release and boom, there it is, Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds put up a photo on his twitter announcing the new movie, wearing a lovely Santa hat and reading a bedtime story to actor Fred Savage who's tucked up in bed.

The caption reads 'Thoughts?' Well my thought is I certainly wouldn't mind Deadpool reading me a bedtime story.

Fans reckon that the post is a reference to a scene from a 1987 movie, The Princess Bride. The man in the bed is Fred Savage who played a young boy in the Princess Bride who gets a bed time story read to him.

No clues yet as to whether the whole film will revolve around the plot of The Princess Bride, however I'm hoping for a Christmas movie.

I mean he's already in a big red suit!

Source: Unilad

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