Channing Tatum Definitely Has a Type

Looks like there's a bit of Goss around every ladies dream boy, Channing Tatum...

Earlier this year Channing Tatum split with the mother of his child who he'd been married to for around 9 years. Now the super star has been spotted with English singer Jessie J.

Jenna Dewan (Channing's ex) is said to look a lot like Jessie J, and when we say a lot we mean a lot!

This is Jessie J

AND.... This is Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum was spotted at Jessie J's Concert then again the two were spotted together at a bar and were also spotted hanging out at mini putt course around the same time that Channing went to Jessie J's Concert

I think its fair to say that Channing has a type.... and its not blondes....


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