Kanye Gave Trump Some Strange Gifts!

Kanye West 'Ye' has been in the news a lot recently mainly for his pro trump speech but now he has met President Trump and given him some rather strange gifts.

Kanye gave the mighty Prez. a hat that says "Make America Great" minus the classic word "Again" that is so famously on the hat.

He also gave him a size 12 pair of Yeezys, making his people call trumps people so that they would have the right size for him. Which is a size 12 btw.

Not only a hat and a pair of Yeezys but he also gave Trump a concept for an airplane "AIR FORCE 1" He calls the plane iPlane 1.

But it has come out that this is not an original Kanye idea. An industrial designer has said that Kanye's plane idea is from his 2012 master's thesis imagining the future and that he has no idea on how Kanye found the design.

I don't mind who's idea it is i like it and i want to fly in it!

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