WATCH: Ariana Grande Going Through A Haunted Escape Room With 'James Corden'

James Corden has teamed up with Super Star Ariana Grande for a special Halloween video. This time instead of carpool Karaoke he has taken her to a spooky escape room where it didn't all go to plan..

The escape room came with real-life human characters who jumped out and scared Corden and Grande. They wandered down a terrifying hallway, crawled into a narrow crawlspace, and worked on a skeleton-wall puzzle. Towards the very end, a man in a horrific mask crawled on all fours causing Ari to totally freak out.

As she was dodging the intruder, her heel got caught on something sending her pummeling to the floor. She left the escape room cursing up a storm with Corden running after her asking, "Are you OK? Are you OK?"

Even with all the dark corners and jump-worthy moments, Grande fans are sure to notice one extra thing about this video. At the end when she and Corden are getting back in the car, Grande holds up her hand to show off her injury. There, right above her bandage, you can see the ginormous engagement ring Pete Davidson gave to her.

Even though this segment aired on Tuesday, Oct. 30, fans can easily deduce it was filmed a while ago. That's because in mid-October, Grande and Davidson reportedly called off their engagement, prompting her to reportedly give the ring back. In fact, if you look back to her classic Carpool Karaoke segment from August 2018, you can see Grande and Corden are wearing the exact same outfits and Grande's hand is still bandaged from her escape room tumble.


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