Kanye West on Twitter 'Beefing' With Burger King

So waking up on another week day, scrolling past the typical celebrity story's, thinking "oh i hope today gets more interesting". Only to then see the weirdest 'beef' between Kayne West and fast food chain Burger King has happened on twitter.

It all started when Kayne declared his love for McDonald's:

Burger King didn't take kindly to Ye aligning himself with their fast food rival, and posted a response:

Then things got better once Burger King UK got involved and tweeted some savage tweets in response: And then there's poor Wendy's, which clearly just wanted to be included in the conversation and had this to say:

In all honesty this has made our day and we feel blessed to have these sorts of feuds to help mask the mundane work day. Thanks Kayne!!

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