Japanese Daredevil rides motorbike around the Auckland Sky Tower

Some people aren't content to just go up the Auckland Sky Tower to have a gander over the city including this guy. Taka Higashino, a Japanese Daredevil who has become the first (and probably last) person to ride a motorbike around the Sky Tower Sky Walk. This is no easy feat and it required a large amount of rigging to keep the stuntman and his bike from falling 192 metres to the ground had he steered off the edge of the platform.

Higashino also admitted this was one of the scariest stunts despite being a professional rider, as he had to overcome his fear of heights.

"The first time around, halfway I wanted to cry, stop and jump off. The view was trippy, I was going, 'Oh my god, I can't watch'. Sometimes, watching the floor felt like a dream, not real."

Originally the 33-year-old had planned to do a wheelie around the Sky Walk but strong winds and an impending storm meant that he had to keep both wheels down.

"The second time this crazy wind came up, the bike was losing balance, the rope had tension too. It looks easy out there but it's actually pretty hard. It was pretty scary."

"It felt like somebody was grabbing the handle bar the whole time, it was a weird feeling."

Source: Stuff

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