Watch the new Christmas video from Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has released a cute new Christmas advert taking the internet by storm.

The “Nicest Christmas Ever” advert shows Santa mistakenly sending his ‘naughty list’ to a child in New Zealand, who then assembles children from around the world to an “International Naughty Kids Summit”.

However it has been picked up by the American media for it taking a light-hearted poke at President Trump by portraying a young boy wearing a red “Make Christmas Great Again” cap.

To get back onto the ‘nice list’, the delegates make promises to be better to their country, including tugging each other’s hair less and eating more vegetables.

The Young American says he is “not naughty at all” and is the “nicest person” he knows.

The Kiwi delegate promises to be “nicer to Australia”, which tips the balance from ‘naughty’ to ‘nice’. The ad finishes with a “Merry Christmas from the nicest place on earth”.

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