Kim Possible gets a live-action remake

As an old fan of Kim Possible, it was pretty easy to get excited about the idea of a new film coming out. The fact that it's a Disney Channel original movie probably means the budget isn't going to be huge but this film may just look like it's enough fun for you to want to see it for yourself

“The movie begins with Kim and Ron beginning high school, where Kim must navigate an intimidating new social hierarchy. Kim’s day starts to turn around when she and Ron meet and befriend Athena, a new classmate and Kim Possible super-fan who is having an even worse day than Kim. With Kim’s guidance and friendship, Athena transforms into the newest member of Team Possible. Soon, Athena starts to eclipse Kim just as the nefarious Drakken and Shego resurface in Middleton with a master plan to finally stop Kim. Now it’s up to Team Possible to stop these super villains.”

Kim Possible will premiere February 15 on Disney Channel and looks to be great fun for old and new fans of the original show.

Source: Geektyrant

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