Macaulay Culkin recreates iconic Home Alone scenes

It's been almost 3 decades, but Macaulay Culkin is still Home Alone!

The actor, who played Kevin in the classic Christmas flick, returned to the McCallister family home to recreate some of the film's most iconic scenes in an ad for Google Assistant.

Macaulay Culkin takes on a similar role in the advert to his character Kevin, entertaining in some mischievous activities while his family are away.Google's Google Assistant - a personal assistant, Asimmilar to ALexa - takes on the part of Culkin's helping hand.

Throughout the video, Culkin consults Google Assistant - from adding to the shopping list, to making the bed, Google Assistant even helps to safeguard the house against burglars!

Google has managed to deliver a picture perfect rendition of the original film - which has already reached over 11 million views on Youtube! Is there anything Google can't do?


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