Girl suggested 24 hours on earth without men on Twitter and the results are interesting

What would you ladies do if for '24 hours' there were no males on Earth? Would you binge watch the series you and your partner have been slowly getting through? Would you eat what ever you wanted? Or just simply have some peace?

Which is exactly why a Twitter user asked the question, "Women, imagine that for 24 hours, there were no men in the world. No men are being harmed in the creation of this hypothetical. They will all return. They are safe and happy wherever they are during this hypothetical time period. What would or could you do that day?"

It's all in good fun and normal for Twitter, but some of the responses were kind of depressing and questionable but others were enlightening.

But of course there are people out there who wouldn't like the idea of not having men around. Many people stating that they are fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers.

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