Is this tip from Macca's a legit hack or a fail?

McDonald's have split their customers down the middle over whether a hack they they saw someone use in their shop is genius or completely thick.

Basically when you need to carry a pottle of nuggets and a drink in one hand cause you need the other one to hold onto those three apple pies that you bought for "your friend," You can actually arrange the food in a way that lets you carry it easily and still eat while walking.

Open the nugget container fully and distribute the nuggets evenly in the top and bottom of the container and then slide it over your drink so the straw comes up the middle and holds it firmly in place...kinda.

That's where people aren't so sure that it's a great idea with some of them saying its a sure fire way to lose half your food if you're not careful which really wouldn't make it worth the effort and you might end up with a different kind of meal.

To be honest when I read this all I could think of was this video,

Source: More FM

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