Ariana Grande has slayed her response to people criticizing her tattoo

Ariana Grande has had the best response to people criticizing her "Japanese BBQ Finger" tattoo.

Last week we saw Ariana get a new tattoo and it well.. didn't work out as planned. The singer taking to her Instagram to show off on her palm Japanese writing that was meant to say '7 Rings', but what she ended up with was "BBQ grill." Ari went to get the tattoo fixed a couple of days ago, and now it apparently just reads "Japanese BBQ finger," which I'm guessing still isn't what she was going for.

Of course after the two mistakes the internet is having a field day and many people trolling her on Social Media. One company even offering her the removal of the tattoo.

However she isn't having a bar of the trolls online and hit back at news site TMZ via Twitter.

While it looks like she's not overall happy witht TMZ, she could also be making the statement at the tattoo removal company as well as all of the people obsessing over her new tat.

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