Someone has been pretending to be Cardi B?!

Cardi B has taken to Instagram to call out some trying to be her and scamming people out of money.

A fan sent her a copy of an email they received asking people to donate money for autism research. By looking at the email you can tell it's 100% fake due to the typos and punctuation errors. Best part about the email is they are just casually after a cool $30 million.

It's not surprising that her fans were appalled that someone would use charity work to scam people out of money. One fan saying:"Wow, that’s horrible people act this way and take advantage!"

"Damn I was about to comment, my son has autism so something like this would be great for all families who experience, thanks for exposing the fraud. People are so ridiculous," another wrote. And someone with jokes wrote "#fyrefestival."

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