Hugh Jackman savages Ryan Reynolds in the best video you'll see today

Easily the worlds favourite best friends, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have taken to Twitter to put a pause on their feud to help promote each other.

The two actors, who previously worked together in the 2009 film X-Men Origins - Wolverine, are appearing in ads for each others respective companies. Jackman is promoting Reynolds' Aviation Gin, while Reynolds is plugging Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee.

The duo have been taking the mic' out of each other online for some time (with Reynolds even using the Deadpool 2 post-credits scene to take a jab at X-Men: Origins). In November, Reynolds recorded an attack-ad style spot mocking Jackman's The Frontrunner, in which the Australian actor plays disgraced presidential candidate Gary Hart. Jackman responded in kind a few weeks later with his own attack-style ad, this time mocking Reynolds and Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 re-release of Deadpool 2.

This sounds all wonderful that they have put the feud aside for some marketing.. or that's what Ryan thought.

Check the video out below for the best thing you'll see today!

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